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What Types of Activities Might Your Senior Enjoy?

Being more active and involved in what is going on around her can help your senior to be happier overall and to avoid depression ore readily. Your senior may also find that her brain stays healthier and that she’s physically healthier, too.


Elder Care in Woodbridge VA: Senior Activities

Elder Care in Woodbridge VA: Senior Activities


If she’s not sure what to do, try some of these suggestions.


-Just Get out and About More Often

While your aging adult might worry that she needs to be doing something particular in order to be more active, that doesn’t have to be the case. Visiting a local senior center, going to the movies, or even visiting friends and family can all help your senior to feel more involved in general. Family members might enjoy planning afternoon adventures with your aging adult a few times a month, too. Make sure your senior has plenty of time to enjoy a variety of friends and family.


-Volunteer and Give Back

If your senior is looking for more structured activities that give back to her community, volunteering might be the answer. Animal shelters, soup kitchens, and schools often look for volunteers for a variety of different programs. Match up your aging adult’s interests with different volunteer opportunities in the area for the best results.


-Learn Something New and Fun

Your aging adult might enjoy learning new skills with her free time. Cooking, dancing, or even something more complicated at the community college could all be options. Keep in mind that the situation doesn’t have to be a formal one in order for your aging adult to learn. She might enjoy joining a book club, for instance.


-Teach Hobbies and Skills to Other People

Over the span of her life, your aging adult has picked up an amazing amount of skills and knowledge about a variety of topics. One way that she can feel more involved in her community can be to share those skills with other people. Your elderly family member might enjoy teaching others one-on-one or even as a more formal arrangement through schools or community colleges.

The possibilities are endless for your aging adult, particularly if she has elder care providers who can drive for her. Then you know that she’s safe and able to get where she needs to be.


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Ivo Ngosong, RN, Owner

RN, Founder, Owner at Quality Health Services LLC
Ivo Ngosong is a Registered Nurse in Maryland.He started a career in health care as a nursing assistant working in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. He has accumulated over seventeen years of experience working with seniors, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the course of his career he has obtained different instructor certifications and trains people on how to save lives using American Heart Association guidelines for Basic Life support, First Aide and Advance Cardiac Life Support. He has been an advocate for caregiver training and have obtained Train-the-Trainer certifications which have enabled him to train caregivers to help seniors, along with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, function well at home and in their communities.

Ivo is grounded in the belief that people do better in their familiar environment. He started Quality Health Services, LLC in 2010 to provide the highest quality of “In-Home” care with compassion and diligence. Also, by promoting and supporting every client’s optimum level of independence, quality of life and well-being while preserving their dignity.

"Grounded in the knowledge that people are happiest at home, we have made it our priority to help our patients remain and thrive in their familiar environment – HOME. "
Ivo Ngosong, RN, Owner