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Getting Help for Seniors Who Struggle With Daily Tasks

Family caregivers usually notice when their elderly relative starts experiencing difficulties with daily tasks.

Generally, the challenges arise when seniors experience some health and mobility problems. Sometimes the obstacles happen slowly, such as when they have a degenerative condition that worsens over time. Other cases feature sudden and immediate health issues like a stroke or heart attack. When elderly relatives struggle with basic daily tasks, it’s up to family members to step in and get them some help.


Caregiver in Springfield VA: Senior Daily Tasks

Caregiver in Springfield VA: Senior Daily Tasks


Why Do Seniors Struggle With Daily Tasks?

Declining health and wellness are generally why elderly adults need help around the house. In most cases, seniors are dealing with physical limitations they’ve never had before. Even if they’ve lived independently for decades and managed an entire household successfully, when they lose physical abilities, everything can change.

For example, an elderly person with moderate to severe arthritis may have a hard time dressing or opening medicine bottles and handling pills. An aging adult with vertigo may not be able to remain steady while showering or cleaning the house. Someone who has suffered a stroke may no longer be able to do home maintenance, prepare meals or even feed themselves. Showering and bathing mishaps are the leading cause of slip and fall accidents among elderly adults. It’s easy to see that many seniors can struggle with daily tasks that can negatively affect their health.


How Senior Care Assistance Can Help

Family members would gladly give their time and energy to helping an elderly relative. However, most family caregivers cannot devote the amount of time it would take to help their elderly relative every day for a few hours or longer. That’s why many people are turning to in-home senior care assistance to ensure their loved ones can stay safe and well. Senior care aides can come every day or a few times per week, depending on the elderly person’s needs and abilities.


Benefits of Senior Care

There are true benefits when an elderly person can stay in their own home. Preserving their routines and remaining a part of their community does wonders physically and mentally. Combining an aging at home plan with senior care assistance is the best of all words. Senior care aides help with everything from bathing, dressing and grooming someone to cooking, cleaning and home maintenance. Senior care aides can also help with daily living reminders for medicine, appointments, and social events. With some modifications to the home, such as grab bars, walk-in showers and more, the elderly adult can be safe and comfortable.


Of course, many seniors feel that having a home care aide threatens their independence.

They may try to cover up their inability to do certain things or else they may downplay their abilities. It’s up to family members to try to convince their elderly relatives to accept the help. The best combination is when the aging adult is as independent as possible, doing as much as they can for themselves while having the safety and stability of senior care services.


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Ivo Ngosong, RN, Owner

RN, Founder, Owner at Quality Health Services LLC
Ivo Ngosong is a Registered Nurse in Maryland.He started a career in health care as a nursing assistant working in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. He has accumulated over seventeen years of experience working with seniors, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the course of his career he has obtained different instructor certifications and trains people on how to save lives using American Heart Association guidelines for Basic Life support, First Aide and Advance Cardiac Life Support. He has been an advocate for caregiver training and have obtained Train-the-Trainer certifications which have enabled him to train caregivers to help seniors, along with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, function well at home and in their communities.

Ivo is grounded in the belief that people do better in their familiar environment. He started Quality Health Services, LLC in 2010 to provide the highest quality of “In-Home” care with compassion and diligence. Also, by promoting and supporting every client’s optimum level of independence, quality of life and well-being while preserving their dignity.

"Grounded in the knowledge that people are happiest at home, we have made it our priority to help our patients remain and thrive in their familiar environment – HOME. "
Ivo Ngosong, RN, Owner