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What is the Leading Cause of Injuries for Elderly Adults?

Senior Care in Woodbridge VA: Preventing Falls For Elderly Adults

Senior Care in Woodbridge VA: Preventing Falls For Elderly Adults

August 22 through 26 is National Safe at Home Week.  

As a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity for you to learn more about the potential risks and dangers that your elderly parent might face when they are at home, and to modify your care efforts to help to reduce these risks and keep your parent safer and more secure in their home.  This not only helps to protect them from injury but also supports more independence and better mental and emotional health as they age in place.

What should you consider?

When considering safety issues for your aging parent it is important to understand the most pressing risks so that you can address them as quickly as possible.  This might cause you to ask the question “what is the leading cause of injuries for elderly adults?” The answer is falls.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year approximately 1 in every 4 older adults, equally millions of seniors, experiences a fall. Fewer than half of these will actually report their falls to their doctor, even if they cause injuries.

What are the ramifications after a fall?

Falls are not just dangerous due to the injuries that can happen as an immediate result of the fall.  Instead, the impact of a fall can linger on well after the fall, even affecting the rest of a senior’s life.  Suffering from one fall more than doubles the chances that your elderly parent will experience another fall in the near future.  This not only puts them at risk of further physical injury but can cause a mental and emotional impact as well.  Having one fall can make them afraid of suffering another, causing them to reduce their activity and engagement, which further diminishes their well-being.
It is important to note that 95 percent of hip fractures among elderly adults and a large percentage of traumatic brain injuries are caused by falls.  A senior who breaks their hip has a 50 percent increased risk of dying in the next year.

What can you do?

If you have been considering how you are able to enhance your parent’s life and ensure that they get everything that they need to remain as healthy, happy, safe, and comfortable as possible as they age in place, now may be the ideal time to start home care for them.  An in-home senior care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule that ensures that they always have care and support when they need it to help them manage their personal needs, address their challenges and limitations, and keep their lifestyle as active, engaged, and independent as possible.

Keeping your senior safe is one of the most important priorities that you have as a family caregiver, and entrusting a home care provider with some of your parent’s care can help you to feel more confident that your parent will be secure in their home.  When it comes to helping them to reduce their fall risk, this home care provider can be instrumental.  They can provide your parent with physical support and assistance to help them manage mobility, balance, and flexibility issues, help them to identify and address dangers in the home, and manage tasks for them that could increase fall risk.


If you or a loved-one are considering senior care Woodbridge, VA, to help with motivation and exercise each day, please contact the caring staff at Quality Health Services LLC. Call today 703-910-7081.


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