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How Can You Make Your Senior’s Bathroom Stylish and Safe at the Same Time?

When safety and style collide, often people can tend toward the more attractive option rather than the safer option. If that’s the disagreement you’re facing with your senior, these tips might help.


Homecare in Leesburg VA: Senior Bathroom Safety

Homecare in Leesburg VA: Senior Bathroom Safety


Opt for Hand Rails that Match Other Fixtures as Closely as Possible

One reason that your stylish senior might avoid installing or using grab bars is that they might not go with the rest of the aesthetic she’s got going on in her bathroom. It might seem obvious that safety is more important, but you can find handrails in a lot of different styles now. Look for one that will blend in better with your senior’s bathroom fixtures and she’s more likely to let you install them everywhere that makes sense.


Put Shampoo and Soap into Wall Dispensers

Shampoo, conditioner, and even soap can become a big hazard in the bathroom. Not only are the products themselves slippery, but wrestling with bottles, jars, and other types of containers can get to be a little bit much. Look for wall dispensers that you can install in the shower and near the sink to contain those products safely. Your senior can dispense the right product easily without having to worry about dropping anything.


Affix Non-slip Backings to Rugs

Your senior may love the rugs and other floor coverings in her bathroom because they look great, but to you, they might look like a huge fall risk. You might be able to compromise if you’re able to attach a non-slip backing to the underside of the rugs. This allows the floor covering to be a little bit more secure but again preserves the aesthetic your senior wants.


Install a Removable Shower Head with a Long Handle

Whether your elderly family member is finding bathing a little more difficult or you’re helping her more in the shower, it might be time to replace that stationary shower head. Using one with a long cord and handle gives you and your senior better maneuverability while also allowing for more stability in the tub. These are also excellent if your senior has started to use a shower chair or bench.

If you’re not sure what else might help your senior’s bathroom to be a little safer, consider asking senior care providers for some extra help. They’ve got a lot of experience in helping aging adults to age in place safely without giving up more than they are prepared to give.

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