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Five Fitness Programs That Help Your Mom Improve Her Flexibility

Your mom wants to improve her flexibility. She’s having a hard time getting her foot up high enough to pull on socks. She struggles to bend over and tie her shoe. Here are five fitness programs that can slowly help your mom improve her flexibility.

Caregiver in Fairfax VA

Caregiver Fairfax VA: Improving Flexibility

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a fun, sometimes sensual form of dance that’s not hard to learn. Providing your mom has her doctor’s approval, belly dancing is safe, relatively easy to learn, and helps improve flexibility in the legs, hips, and torso.

Much of the dance involves raising, dropping, and moving the hips in circular motions. Unless your mom has serious hip issues, it’s a great form of exercise that can be learned in a class or through DVD lessons.


Pilates benefits the elderly in multiple ways. It does help with flexibility, but it also improves balance and muscle tone. As seniors continue a Pilates program, they may find mobility improves. Pilates is easier on the joints than other exercises because many exercises are done while sitting down.

Look for a Pilates program that is geared towards the elderly. As your mom’s flexibility and muscle tone improve, she can advance into more strenuous classes.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is really a form of meditation that adds gentle movements that help strengthen the core and improve flexibility. Because the exercises are performed in a slow, graceful manner, they’re easy on the joints. This makes them a great program for seniors who are out of shape or recovering from illness or surgery.


Yoga is another form of exercise that helps with flexibility. Your mom will want to start slow in a class designed for beginners. As she learns the simple poses and starts building strength and flexibility, she’ll find some of the more difficult poses become easier to manage. As she stretches and strengthens muscles, she’ll also be focusing on her breathing, which helps her relax and ease tension.


Zumba is a dance workout that has choreographed fitness routines set to music with a beat. The moves give the entire body a workout and help with flexibility. Starting out, your mom may need to look for an easier class, such as Water Zumba. The goal of any Zumba class is to have fun and move to the music.

Does your mom struggle with transportation? Is it hard for her to get to fitness classes at local senior centers or gyms? Look at the services caregivers offer. Caregivers can drive your mom to her fitness classes, take her to appointments, or bring her grocery shopping.

At home, caregivers can supervise her fitness activities to make sure she’s safe, stays hydrated, and rests when needed. They help with light housework, meals, and grooming. Find out more about the ways

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